The cost of participating in the field study program is actually less than if you were to attend Comic-Con on your own, plus you earn college credit while participating.

Program Expenses

BatCapThe cost of the program includes:

  • registration fees for academic credit
  • double-occupancy room in San Diego
  • seven meals (two dinners & five breakfasts)
  • roundtrip airfare from Virginia to San Diego (optional for those traveling from other states)
  • local transportation

$TBD program cost for participants for 2018

Students are program participants in the Comics Arts Conference and do not need to purchase separate admission to Comic-Con.

Variable Expenses

You also should plan for the following variable expenses:

$____ Additional lunch or dinner purchases

$____ Purchases of memorabilia on site (optional, of course)

 Previous students speak to their experiences in a YouTube video you can check out here.

Please contact the program director, Dr. Matthew J. Smith, with your inquiries at: msmith455(AT)radford(DOT)edu

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(Applications are due October 31, 2017.)

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